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archinoah is a data-exchange platform for architects and related professions.

The foundation of archinoah is built by our international architecture community that is willing to share work results, data and relevant architecture content.

Our services range from downloadable CAD materials for 2D and 3D plans and visualisations to academic papers.

One of our fundamental ideas was to create a transparent system that functions as a virtual currency. Members, willing to share content, receive CreditPoints suitable to download other member’s content in return. Contributions that are highly rated by the community will continuously yield additional CreditPoints. This way we have created a quality corroborative process that improves the experience for everyone.

The archinoah JobExchange is a special service that allows for specific recruiting via application profiles – aside from classic job listings.

The calendar with tips on current architecture events and exhibitions completes our services to the architecture community.

How it came about...

The founders of archinoah, Florian Illenberger and Samsarah Lilja, first met at the faculty of architecture at the Technical University Berlin. They quickly developed a vision of the Internet as a comprehensive exchange platform for professionally relevant content. In 1999, way ahead of their times, they single-handedly managed to implement their idea without external funding and have been established in the market for more than fifteen years. It was their core philosophy to develop archinoah on behalf of the community. Today archinoah is an inherent part of the digital architecture world.

About the founders

Florian Illenberger, born in 1975 and raised in Berlin, began his architecture studies in 1998 at the Technical University Berlin. He was employed at von Gerkan, Marg and Partner Architects in Berlin between 2004 and 2015. From 2009 until 2011 Florian was project manager for the new construction of the federal parliament of Tamil Nadu, India. Since 2015 Florian is employed as project manager with KSP Jürgen Engel Architects in Berlin.

Samsarah Lilja, partially raised in Cologne and Israel was born in 1977. She started out in fashion design, studying in Paris in 1997, and switched to the architecture faculty of the Technical University Berlin in 1998. Samsarah was working for Prof. Hans Kollhoff Architects in Berlin and Rotterdam – first as project collaborator later as project manager. In 2010 she started her own creative agency, Lilja Design, with a focus on corporate design and web development. Starting 2016 Samsarah will be a product and project manager for KMPG IT Services GmbH in Berlin.

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