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Job Exchange for Recruiters

Who can add job opportunities at the archinoah Job Exchange?
  • architecture and planning offices
  • offices and companies that are looking for an architect or interior designer
  • companies involved in construction
  • manufacturers of construction products
What advantages does the archinoah Job Exchange have?
  • From students to architects with work experience job seekers are recorded.
  • Experience in the different work phases and special qualifications are included.
  • Computer and software skills are clearly listed.
  • A search function allows a specific search for qualifications required.
Must I create an account and sign in to add job opportunities?
  • No, even without an account you can add job offers.
    But you can not edit these entries afterwords. You can only delete them!
  • As a registered user you have an overview of all your job offers, and can edit them at any time.
  • Job offers of Premium Members are highlighted and we also offer the opportunity to present yourself through your company logo and add a more detailed job description as PDF upload.

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