Trans-porteurs Ecotopia-Utopia, Installation - 7 digital media works

Trans-porteurs Ecotopia-Utopia, Installation - 7 digi...

Wed. 16.09.2009
Sun. 25.10.2009

Trans-porteurs Ecotopia-Utopia, Installation - 7 digital media works

medialabAU, Exhibition Curators: Irena Latek, project direction and Fannie Duguay-Lefebvre

Installations and projects on the theme of public space, the spatial and media explorations of the medialabAU are in the tradition of architectural conceptualization and to its relationship with the city in the production of drawings and images. Since the pivotal year of 2000, architects have seized on a vast kaleidoscope of tools available within the numerical arts in order to advance research on the collective unconscious of new forms of architecture, detecting its signs and its traces in light, sound, moment/event and memory.

Located at the crossroads of architecture, the city and new media, this series of digital works - video projections, interactive and immersive monumental installations – incites us to reflect on the urban project in a problematic future. Urban utopia here metamorphoses into another utopia, the ecotopia. Taking as its subject a series of typical North-American vacant lots, a well known site in Montreal -the passage of the St. Lawrence boulevard under the Transcanadian railway line, - the 7 works of Trans-porteurs are complementary and conflictual interpretations of this site. By adopting various postures, they dissimulate the multiple facets of this place, the latter becoming an incarnation of universal public space. Sometimes life opens out here in a cyclically governed universe, sometimes time disappears without trace, the site is immobilized and its minimalist beauty combines with an aesthetic of disaster. At still other times, these urban representations subvert architectural technique to immerse us in an ideal public space, joining the memorable to the banal.

Trans-porteurs Ecotopia-Utopia was created by the medialabAU team
Irena Latek, project direction, Lysiane Bouchard, Martin Bourgault, Marlène Bourque, Alain Carle, Fannie Duguay-Lefebvre, Mickaël Durand, Hicham El Fakir, Alan Knight, Elise Lacoursière Bourget, Michel Lefebvre, Anouck Lemarquis, Etienne Ostiguy

Projection and sound spatialization with Lighttwist, Laboratoire Vision3D, Université de Montréal, Sébastien Roy, lab director, Vincent Chapdelaine-Couture, doctorand

The public is invited to a guided tour on Sunday September 27, 2009 (2:00 pm and 4:00pm). This activity will take place during “les Journées de la Culture”.

Production 2009
medialabAU, Centre d"exposition de l"Université de Montréal,
École d’architecture de l’Université de Montréal

The project Trans-porteurs Ecotopia-Utopia was carried out with the support of the Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la société et la culture (FQRSC) and the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). The exhibition received the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Event location:
Le Centre d’exposition de l’Université de Montréal
pavillon de la Faculté de l’aménagement, au 2940, chemin de la Côte Sainte-Catherine, local 0056
québec - h3t1b9 montreal

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(514) 343-6111 poste 4694
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