Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy, effective 2016-05-18

We are pleased about your interest in archinoah and tektorum.

The Illenberger & Lilja GbR, operator of archinoah and tektorum, hereafter referred to as the operator, places great value on the protection of personal data.

Should you have questions to our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us using the web form or the contact information listed in our disclaimer. Please ensure that you read our terms and conditions as well.

What data is produced by using our website and services, and how is it used:

  1. Log Data
  2. Cookies
  3. Passwords
  4. Personal Data
    1. Release of Personal Data
      1. User Profile
      2. Job Market at archinoah
      3. Job market for employers at archinoah
      4. Uploads at archinoah
      5. Summary regarding the visibility/publication of data:
        1. Visible to all visitors
        2. Visible when using some of our services
        3. Never displayed for other users on our website without your consent
    2. Transfer of personal data
  5. Storage of Other Data (by category)
    1. Registration
    2. Job Market
    3. All Download Areas
    4. Search
    5. All Areas
  6. Handling and Use of Stored Data
  7. Security Notice
  8. Amendments to this Privacy Policy
  9. Information Rights
  1. Log Data

    Each time our website is accessed, the server will automatically create a log of the event. This data is stored in the server log files. This data includes the IP address, the date and time of access, method of access (sending, receiving, etc), requested data, referrer, browser type, browser language, as well as one or more cookies that can definitively identify your browser.

  2. Cookies

    Our websites make use of cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data that serve to identify your browser and if applicable save your login data.You can configure your browser so that it will not accept any cookies. Not accepting cookies can cause some functions and offers on our websites to have limited functionality.

  3. Passwords

    Passwords are only stored in an encrypted form, and are not readable even to the operators.

  4. Personal Data

    Registration at archinoah and tektorum is voluntary.

    Many of our offers do not require registration. Should you decide to register at archinoah to take advantage of more offers, the correct input of your first name, last name, salutation, and a valid e-mail address is required. The input of further personal data is not compulsory. For registration at tektorum, only a valid e-mail is required.

    Registration at archinoah and tektorum is separate.

    archinoah: a first name, last name, salutation, and a valid e-mail address are required for registration.

    tektorum: only a valid e-mail address is required for registration.

    The input of further data is voluntary, however, may be required to take full advantage of some offers. Additionally, your IP address and the date are stored when registering.

  1. Release of Personal Data

    1. User Profile

      Each registered user has a user profile at archinoah and tektorum. Aside from the data required for registration, all other input is voluntary.

      By default, the following data in your archinoah profile is NOT publicly accessible unless you explicitly choose so:

      • Salutation
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • E-mail Address
      • Address
      • ZIP Code
      • Telephone and Fax Numbers.

      Should you add further information to your user profile, it will be visible to third parties.

    2. Job Exchange for Job Seekers at archinoah

      For the activation and use of an account in the job exchange, the following data is visible to other users:

      • Website URL
      • Location
      • Country
      • All data that you place in your file (such as birth year, abilities, resume, etc).

      You may choose to make your file visible only to registered users.

    3. Job Exchange for Employers at archinoah

      When you publish job offer, all data will be presented to prospective applicants, including non-registered users. An e-mail address visible only to the archinoah team can be given upon request.

    4. Uploads at archinoah

      In some categories, data and information can be placed on the server and made available to others. Uploads require an author and a corresponding e-mail address. The author's name is always visible in relation to the download. The author's e-mail address is not made publicly available, and serves only for the operators to contact the author.

    5. Summary of the visibility of data:

      1. For each user, the following data is always visible:
        • Username
        • Website*
        • Major / Occupation*
        • Skype-Name (tektorum)*
        • Signature*
        • User Images*
        • Other Activities (tektorum)*
        • Specialization (tektorum)*
        • Location (tektorum)*
        • Field of Study (tektorum)*
        • College / Employer (tektorum)*
        • Further Information*

            * provided voluntary input has been given

      2. Some of our services require the following information, which is visible to all users:

        • Salutation
        • First Name
        • Last Name
        • City
        • Country
        • Authors
        • Upload Title
        • All other input for the use of other services (such as your file in the job exchange)
      3. The following registration data is NOT visible to other users without your permission*:

        • E-mail Address
        • Address
        • ZIP Code
        • Telephone Numbers
        • Fax Numbers
        • Birthday

            * see "Disclosure of Personal Data"

  2. Disclosure of Personal Data

    1. Partner websites may have access to certain personal data, which may be used in associated services. No data will be released to third parties that has not been released in accordance with our privacy policy. Partner websites may not use this data for their own or for third party advertising purposes.

    2. Your consent to the disclosure of personal data requires that you explicitly allow it, such as by checking the corresponding check box, or by written consent.

    3. You consent to the disclosure of your personal data applies to the following areas:

  1. Storage of Further Data (by category)

    1. Registration

      • Each time a registered user logs in this will be registered.

      • Each login attempt will be logged.

    2. Job Market

      • For contact to job seekers, the firm / office name or name, as well as the e-mail address of the party initiating contact will be logged.

    3. All Download and Upload Areas

      • All user downloads and uploads will be stored. This allows the CreditPoint System to function.

      • For uploads, the time and the user's IP will be saved together with the upload.

    4. Search

      • Your search terms may be stored anonymously for statistical uses.

    5. All Areas

      • The operator uses Google Analytics for the user experience analysis, which stores similar data to that of the login data. The operator has no influence upon which data exactly is collected. For further information, please visit

      • The operator uses advertisements from Google Adsense and potentially other marketers and advertisers. These other providers may potentially store similar data to the log data. Generally, marketers and advertisers will set a cookie.

      • The operator cooperates with Aumago GmbH ("Aumago"), a Berlin-based audience marketing provider. Aumago uses cookies, a text file that is stored in the browser of the computer that collects anonymous usage data for the purpose of usage-based online advertising (Online Behavioral Targeting, "OBA"), such as the type of visited websites and categories and/or product pages. The collected information is not personally identifiable information (non-PII). Thus, the collected usage data cannot be linked to the real identity of the user. The cookies are either Aumago cookies, or cookies from service providers that Aumago works with, for example krux digital Inc. The user can delete the cookies at any time, either directly in his/her browser or manage his/her cookie preferences under or Based on the anonymous cookie information and the user’s usage data Aumago segments that information by industry. On behalf of the operator Aumago will use this anonymous, non-PII to market it as part of a better targeted usage-based online advertising.

  2. Handling and Use of Stored Data

    1. The log data is used for statistical purposes. Statistical software may determine, for example, the number of times a certain page has been accessed, and how users arrive at the operator's websites (so-called referrer).

    2. The operator only uses personal data for the purposes for which it was collected. Along with the previously mentioned purposes the following also apply:

      • Preparation of offers and services for the users, including the presentation of individually tailored content and advertisements
      • Audits, research, and analysis to maintain our offers, for protection, and for improvement
      • Maintenance of the technical functionality of our network
      • Development of new categories
    3. The disclosure of personal data occurs only as described in Release of Personal Data and Handling and Use of Stored Data

    4. Provided that you have registered, the operator may send you information. In your profile, you may choose whether or not you would like to receive the website operator's newsletter. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by changing the setting in your profile.

    5. Provided that you have registered, the operator may make personal inquiries regarding your account or data / uploads added by you.

    6. The operator reserves the right to inform registered users about changes or limitations to offered services by e-mail. This information is not included in the newsletter, and exclusively serves in the best interest of the users.

    7. When you contact the operator or its employees using the feedback form or e-mail, your message may be stored in order to process your request, to answer questions, and to improve our service.

  3. Security Disclaimer

    We strive to store your personal data using all technical and organizational methods to ensure it is not available to third parties, except where noted above. E-mail communication does not ensure complete security, so we recommend sending sensitive data by letter post.

  4. Changes to this Privacy Policy

    Please note that the privacy policy may be updated from time to time. We will not, however, limit your rights in accordance with this policy without your explicit consent, and we do not expect many such amendments to be made. We will announce all changes to this privacy policy in our website. Significant changes will be announced in a noticeable form (if applicable, notification by e-mail). Each version of this privacy policy has the date of the most recent change at the top.

  5. Information Rights

    We will gladly inform you of your personal data that we have stored after receiving a written request.


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