Sun. 25.09.2016


They are beautiful, and are already buzzing around, sipping nectar from the flowers we sowed last autumn, as well as from the clover and lime trees. The project is part of an plan undertaken more than three years ago by Green Island, curated by Claudia Zanfi (art historian and landscape artist), dedicated to the urban landscape, biodiversity and an awareness of the wonderful world of bees.

Over the last three years, the project has led to the creation of: 15 artists’ beehives; three international shows; the involvement of 50 artists and designers from around the world; five conferences on the themes; seven free workshops for children and families; a course on urban beekeeping; a seminar with the University of London and the Polytechnic of Milan; a donation to the Vegetable Gardens of via Padova (MI) of flower seeds for honey bees covering over 1,000 square metres of meadowland; displays of artists’ beehives in seven public gardens in Milan; involving more than 30 public and private institutions; an EXPO in CITTA' prize, won by virtue of it being a project so mindful of urban biodiversity.

In 2016, the commitment continues. Green Island and Claudia Zanfi will be waiting for you to meet the bees close up, with workshops and guided tours designed to let everyone discover nature in and around the city. In collaboration with Orticola Lombardia, CityLife, Bosco della Giretta, Associazione La Risorgiva, CONAPI (Urban Bee Hives Bio Producers).

Event location:
VIa Spinola 8
Italia - 20145 Milano

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