In Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change

Fri. 03.07.2015
Sun. 05.07.2015

In Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change

Arch. Hermann Czech

Christopher Alexander, architect, mathematician and philosopher, established a fundamental new approach to understanding and designing buildings: patterns and pattern languages.

In the last two decades, the pattern approach of Alexander has gone beyond architecture and is now also being successfully implemented in many other fields, such as design, media, arts, IT, management, pedagogy, social activism, social innovation and grassroots movements.
It has become an effectual interdisciplinary tool for collecting and conveying informal knowledge. Lastly, as Alexander states, with the objective to build a society which is alive and whole.

The World Conference PURPLSOC - In Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change - 3.-5. July 2015 at Danube University Krems will
discuss and reflect on this recent development in the application of the pattern approach of Christopher Alexander. The conference wishes to
stimulate the attention for pattern related work, both in the scientific community and the wider public, by showing its broad applicability and
richness and bringing application/best practice examples from outside the scientific community into research.

PURPLSOC provides a forum for researchers from a variety of fields as well as the broader audience to come together and discuss topics such as:

- Architecture, Urbanism and Regional Development
- Design, Media, Arts & IT
- Pedagogy, Education and Learning
- Social Activism, Social Innovation and Grassroots Movement
- Everyday Applications and Additional Disciplines

Event location:
Donau Universität Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
Österreich - 3500 Krems

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+43 2732 8932665
+43 2732 8934650
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